michael Allie


Michael Allie, Managing Director, spearheads Blue River’s expertise in the Healthcare and Information Technology sectors. Mr. Allie’s senior-level management experiences at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, IBM and Compuware have equipped him to understand valuation drivers, hot button issues, important players and other critical aspects in the industries. For acquisition clients, Mr. Allie provides penetrating strategic insights, collaborative planning and faultless execution. For owners pursuing strategic options, such as a sale or recapitalization, Mr. Allie delivers client-driven solutions grounded in reality.

Mr. Allie’s experience is not limited to I.T. and healthcare. He has a broad array of industry experiences deriving from his management days at General Motors and Ernst & Young – industries such as automotive, services and consulting. As a member of senior management and as a professional consultant, Mr. Allie has assessed operational effectiveness, developed strategies for increasing revenue and reducing costs, and implemented technology solutions to achieve planned results.

Mr. Allie has also worked with multiple start-ups and VC firms to advise on business strategies for growth and business value optimization. He also structured a joint venture between two Fortune 500 companies as they began a web-based CRM initiative in the automotive industry.

Mr. Allie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from Davenport University. He also earned his MBA from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Mr. Allie is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA).