Elegant outcomes occur when owners fully understand their options and purposely pursue outcomes aligned with their driving motivations.
— Bill Loftis, Managing Partner

 As a merger & acquisition advisor, Blue River has only one objective – deliver outcomes our clients truly desire. Blue River’s investment banking services specifically focus on the needs of middle market businesses in two specific disciplines: 1) Confidential Sell-Side Representation and 2) Corporate Finance. But before any journey can begin, owners must understand key transactional themes:

  1. What is the company worth?

  2. What types of transactions are available?

  3. Who are the potential buyers/investors (regional/national/international)?

  4. What are the tax consequences?

  5. Are advanced tax strategies available to benefit the sellers?

  6. What options exist for reinvesting after-tax post-closing proceeds?

  7. What are the driving personal motivations of the stakeholders? If more than one owner, are the motivations aligned? Is it possible to achieve the desires of multiple shareholders in a single transaction?

  8. How does the interaction of transaction types, different buyers, taxes, advanced tax strategies, reinvestment and seller motivations influence the ultimate transaction value?

  9. In view of the answer to question number 7, what is the “ideal outcome” for the owners?
    What market-making strategy will achieve the identified “ideal outcome”?

Confidential Business Sale Representation – The sale of a business is a big deal because it affects so many lives – especially the owners. Blue River understands the transaction’s importance and expertly guides owners from the outset to an ideal outcome. Our efforts begin long before the business hits the market. We help owners probe, understand and decide upon the best transaction outcome, so they can begin the journey with confidence and resolve. Before going to market, owners clearly know what to expect in terms of company value, underlying motivations of stakeholders, transaction options, types of investors, tax strategies, reinvestment of post-closing proceeds options and more. Once prepared, Blue River executes a customized process focused and tailored to the ideal buyers. Blue River’s knowledge, experience and insight assure owners of outstanding negotiating support throughout the process. When positions appear intractable, Blue River can often provide alternatives that satisfactorily address blocking issues and will lead to desired outcomes.

Corporate Finance – As a fire needs oxygen, so businesses need capital. Blue River provides its middle market clients with access to private capital markets – particularly equity, mezzanine debt and other non-bank capital. If your company is searching for capital, our national and international network of institutional capital providers may be able to meet your needs.