Technology startups are plentiful as there are low barriers to entry. But scalability requires capital and there are a continuous stream of companies that have achieved a level of success, but require additional capital, and often additional expertise, to achieve their full potential.
— Michael Allie, Managing Director

Technology by its nature is ever-changing, and it appears as the growth will continue unabated for the foreseeable future. While the early days of the internet primarily resulted in technology focused on channel disintermediation, today’s technology trends are focused around new delivery models and consumer behavior changes.

SaaS, cloud services, and mobile computing have become the big trends and are still evolving. Infrastructure services, once the ugly duckling of technology, has become sexy. And while there is lots of press around the cloud services provided by the likes of Amazon, Google, and IBM, there is no shortage of middle-market players exploiting significant niches in the marketplace.

Blue River understands technology and can work with you to identify vertical and horizontal integration opportunities for your existing platforms. In addition, we can discuss emerging sectors and fragmentation that would provide opportunities for new platforms and consolidation.