There are very few firms that deliver the depth of acquisition support and results like Blue River. Our team of senior buy-side professionals continually follow Blue River’s 3 ‘P’s; Professional, Persistent, and Persuasive.
— Bryan Berent, Managing Partner

 With an estimated $2 Trillion dollar overhang in funds among corporations and private equity firms in the U.S. positioned for acquisitive growth, it has never been more critical to have a sourcing strategy that provides effective and proprietary access to potential acquisition candidates. However, gaining an audience with attentive business owners is not an easy or passive process. One has to overcome lines of defenses and natural resistance to reach and develop trust with business owners. Blue River has developed a specialized niche of contacting middle market business owners. Our proprietary processes have generated exceptional results for acquisitive corporations and private equity firms for more than a decade.

Large acquisitive public companies have business development departments staffed with significant resources 100% devoted to acquisitions. These companies know that successful acquisitive growth does not happen by chance. It happens on purpose. Most middle market companies do not have this luxury. Their acquisitive resources also have other jobs; CEO, COO, CFO. But more and more they do recognize the importance of acquisitive growth. That’s were Blue River comes in. We operate as an outsourced business development arm for middle market companies driven by acquisitive growth. Blue River leverages experienced, senior-level professionals, deep technological tools and proven processes throughout the investment cycle, resulting in proprietary acquisition deal flow.

Our team systematically executes carefully devised plans to identify, contact, screen and introduce ideally suited targets to our clients. In addition, Blue River offers solid acquisition structuring and tactical advice. Our advanced financial modeling and acquisition reports bring insights that stand alone or augment the corporation’s internal analysis. As M&A experts in the realm of middle market privately held companies, we help our clients make efficient investments and cause their time to become more strategically effective.

In addition to supporting the needs of acquisitive corporations, Blue River has a deep history of assisting Private Equity (PE) firms execute growth strategies for both platform and add-on investments. Many of the largest and most successful PE firms in the industry rely on Blue River to drive quick results for key investment theses. Blue River reaches business owners directly before they are committed to a process. We consult and educate business owners to deliver better transactional counterparts. With short investment horizons, augmenting existing deal channels with Blue River proprietary deal flow can be a strong differentiator for our PE clients.